Sell your Brand – not the Product !

We often come across the query that- How to sell your Brand? The answer is very simple yet complex to maintain. In a race to achieve more the organisation usually miss out to differentiate between Brand and the Product. Therefore, it is important to understand the thin line. The companies stress so much on their product value proposition that the Brand recall evaporates.

I recently came across an advertisement of this Women’s day 2021 which brought my attention to the company. I started thinking about how the Brand has infused their DNA into this occasion.

It features mother, our strength and uniting thread which makes a family. The short video features “Mother Entrepreneurs”. The story showcase that how a mother beautifully nurture start-ups and upscale it. She maintain the essence of CARE the same way she cares about her family. In a truly brilliant use of new technology, they have been able to portray the Amazon’s DNA. The DNA which consistently innovate something new. New business, opportunity, platform, environment, etc. It seems a well-connected thought process around care and Selling the Brand at the same time.

Emotional stuff in selling your brand. Is it? Sell your Brand

The company definitely understands that the best way to sell their products is to ‘sell’ their brand. That is, rather than focusing on selling just the product (what they do), focus on selling WHY they do it. Because the brand is “concerned about every moment between innovation and care”.

Communicating with purpose is the best way to differentiate in a world where it’s increasingly difficult to do so with rational benefits & product features. Most markets are very crowded, with similar products offering similar benefits.

Those brands that invest in marketing and activation that share with us their values and beliefs will stand out the most, be loved the most, and ultimately profit the most. They won’t need to compete on price, because they will have won the battle for hearts and minds. At the same time they would have established themselves in market.

Does your brand really know its purpose?

Do your potential customers have something they can reach out for and care about? In other words, is there any connect?

If the answer is no, then doing business is only going to get more difficult – no matter if you’re selling any product or financial advice.

Unlock the power in your purpose, like Amazon India has with this great story, and you will give your customers more reason to do business with you, or choose your products over another. It’s as simple as that.

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