Brand Value, How to create it?

How to create Brand Value?

Any marketeer who understand Brand Value and  Brand Performance will relate to the notion of Belief > Belonging > Behavioural Change; it’s a key concept worth considering.

The end goal for any branding exercise is to enact some sort of behavioural change from your target audience. An audience who become a long term client. Prefer your brand of cereal, wear your brand’s clothing and donate time or money to your charity. Subscribe to your blog, share your tweet, news, etc. Or in the case of many a Harley Davidson fan–have your logo tattooed on their bicep because they love your brand so much.

BELIEF in Brand Value

The path to behavioural change begins with belief. Brands create belief by being clear about what they believe in themselves. By having a simple message, by being authentic, by putting themselves out there.

There’s more to belief than just getting your message out there however, because Belief cannot exist without TRUST.

I can tell you what I believe in and what I stand for until i’m blue in the face, but I need to earn your trust for you to really believe me.

The same concept applies to brands. People trust brands when they meet expectations, are real and genuine. And most importantly, live up to the expectation created by their value proposition.

Trust comes from a relationship, so build a relationship with your customers.

Better still, build a community around your brand from your audience. People belong to communities.

BELONGING in Brand Value

Only after someone has belief in your brand, can they start to belong to it. Which is great, because if your customers feel like they belong then they will keep returning.

Sporting clubs, like the best brands, trade on the idea of belonging. Once you have belief in the team, then you want to be a part of it. Be a member, support the team, wear their colours, buy a membership. Fashion brands are also big on belonging, G-Star jeans might be your first purchase, but once you belong you will probably want to buy their other clothing too.

Perhaps less obviously, belonging is key to many professional services also, even accountants… Once you trust the advice and the service that your accountant provides you then they become a trusted advisor, so if you’re looking to grow your business and need advice, who are you going to call? That’s belonging as well. The same thing could be said for Dentists, as it can be for your local cafe.

Belonging starts first with belief, and is then created by aligned values; which is why its important to get clear on the values you are building your brand upon.

Because values drive behavioural change.


Values are what drive behavioural change, which is a particularly important concept in the case of any brand or organisation when it comes to getting more out of its employees.

It’s certainly not just customers you should be looking to take on a belief > belonging > behavioural change journey with your brand – it’s your people as well. If they believe what they’re doing, and really belong to the culture of your brand and the value proposition they are a part of, then they will get on board with the brand values, be a passionate member of the team and live them 24/7. That’s behavioural change at its most powerful.

How are you communicating your values? It can’t just a plaque on the wall, it’s got to be so much more than that if you want to create the belief required to bring people along on a journey towards success.

Your brand will be trusted when it’s clear your values are authentic because they are demonstrated by actions. Bring your values to life through the way you do business, through your products and services, and through your marketing communications. Bring them to life and you’ll find people want to belong to that, and then you’re off and running towards something much bigger…

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