5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Before You Launch Any Social Media Campaign

If you're looking for insfor your next social media campaign, take a look at these 5 social media campaign questions.

Starting a social media campaign needs careful deliberation and experience for it to go right. Often, the first campaign of a new business falls short of the expectations of the people running it. With a little forethought, you can achieve much better results. Just ask yourself five  simple questions and they will guide you on any social media campaign.


The very first question to ask is ‘who?’. Whom do you want to target your campaign at? Start at the beginning. It will be the same target audience as you developed your brand. Either the whole of the demographic, or you can cut it into manageable chunks. For example, if you are selling a specific product in your campaign that it more marketable to a certain age group or gender within your target demographic, then take clear note of this. It will give your campaign focus and enable you to create not only an appealing advertisement to that specific audience but directly select attributes when you run your targeted advertising model.


What will your advertising campaign do? This question is important. It focuses on the major creative aspect of your campaign. Consider the adverts themselves, how many there will be and how they are designed. What sort of advertisement are you producing? Look at the way you tell the story and any calls to action within the advert itself.

This is also the area where you think about your branding. How will you put your brand identity forward clearly in your campaign? Always add your logo and a link to your website on the posts and in videos you create. Remember that you can use a logo creator to make your logo for free online.


The ‘when?’ is often overlooked by beginners in social media marketing but it is actually very important. Considering when you are going to release your campaign and relating it to the content of your work is crucial. Consider the time that you release it, the day and even the time of year. Obviously, if you release a snowy advert in summer, it won’t fit.
Also, think about the time that your target audience will be most likely to see your work. Many SEO specialists have written a lot on this topic. Check out the forums and be sure that you release your campaign at a profitable time.


The penultimate question every entrepreneur should ask themselves is ‘where is my best platform going to be?’. Consider the stage from which you will launch your campaign.

Often Facebook is a great resource as it has such a wide selection of consumers and a detailed targeted advertising system. If you want a more viral approach, you can use Twitter, TikTok or even YouTube. Instagram can be a great place to run a campaign if you are selling products and have an E-Commerce shop.


Never forget to ask yourself why you are doing something. The answer is not just simply to make more sales, though that is clearly part of it.

Be aware of why you want to run the campaign at this exact moment. Perhaps you have an idea of a campaign that matches a viral trend. Or it is a summer sale season. Maybe you have had a huge number of clicks on your website recently with minimal sales. Once you look in detail at why you want to achieve something, it makes it far easier to go on and achieve it.

Asking these five questions should give you a real boost in your marketing plan and advertising campaigns on social media. Remember to keep it clean, and concise and ensure that you have a detailed understanding of your choices.

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