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While everyone talks about Branding and engagement, companies usually miss to capitalise YouTube channel as a platform. YouTube gives you an extra mile to connect with your audience. Thus, YouTube channel marketing comes into picture. YouTube is an awesome platform to give extra content to our audience. Also, it helps in engaging customers in interactive ways. But how to grow the YouTube channel? Let’s discuss few useful tips which will help in growing your YouTube channel organically.

I have categorized the steps in 3 segments which are useful for video marketing

YouTube channel marketing: Step 1  

  • First of all, perform the Keyword research properly within YouTube environment searches along with Google searches with phrase and other combination
  • Then, segregate keywords in 03 categories of: Primary search, Secondary search and Tertiary search
  • Categories keywords into actionable terms, such as:
    • How-to keywords (“how to make cold coffee”)
    • Reviews (“Coffee by Chef review”)
    • Tutorials (“Hyderabadi Biryani recipe”)
    • Anything fitness or sports related (“Food for good immune system”)
    • Funny videos (“Baby food preparation”)
  • Rename your promotional video file using a target keyword.
  • Insert your identified keyword naturally in the promoted video title.
  • Optimise your channel and video descriptions. The basic guidelines are:
    • Make your channel description of at least 250 words
    • Include your search keyword in the first 25 words
    • Also, include your target keyword 2-4 times

YouTube channel marketing: Step 2

  • Tag your promotional video with popular search keywords that relate to your topic
  • Categorize your video
  • Create a custom thumbnail image for your individual video’s result link
  • Use an SRT file to add appropriate subtitles & closed captions with your video
  • At the same time, don’t forget to add Cards and End Screens to increase your YouTube channel’s viewership
  • Link YT videos with cross Social platforms
  • Off page optimization of the videos
  • Social bookmarking can also be done
  • CTA link can be promoted in videos
  • Make your messaging more clear in videos
    • Moreover, encourage audience engagement in videos
  • Add Experiential videos to the channel, such as product review videos
  • Uniqueness of the store should be promoted via videos
  • Social sharing of the videos should be done. For example: Blog sharing, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
  • SEO of the YT channel need to done (On-page & Off page both)

YouTube channel marketing: Step 3

  • Publish a High-Retention Video (If your video keeps people on YouTube, apparently YouTube will rank your video higher in the search results.)
  • Improvise search terms (When someone searches for your keyword in YouTube, which result do they click on? Your video… or someone else’s?)
  • Our videos must say our targeted keywords at least once or twice but avoid stuffing of keywords. (It will improve voice assisted search result and will improve voice optimisation)
  • Mention your videos on Quora and other Q&A sites/platforms
  • Additionally, Embed your videos in Blog posts
  • Optimise playlist according to defined category. (Make it based on keyword research and business domain)
  • Moreover, keep sharing and utilizing video inventories in your future promotional activities

The above cited suggestion emphasize more on organic content and curated way to promote your content. Promoting qualitative videos always pays you in establishing long lasting relationship.

“When people get a lot of good content that is solving their problems, they stay longer and like to come back and visit more often.”

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