Will Social Media Ruin Content Marketing?

Social media has been one of the fastest growing trends over the past decade. You’ve probably noticed — it has taken the internet by storm. As a result of the social media revolution, some people worry that it will eventually destroy content marketing.

But that will never happen!

What the naysayers fail to realize is that social media and content marketing are actually complementary. Each component helps the other, and they work well together.

Social media is a great tool for driving people to content marketing. Take Twitter, for example, with its 140 character limits. Is there any way you can really educate your prospect and build a relationship 140 characters at a time? No, of course not. But you can use Twitter to alert your followers to your latest blog post or white paper. Similarly, Facebook and Instagram gives an interactive window to showcase your product and services. It has given another edge to the customer as well to touch base with the company. On the other hand LinkedIn helps you establish your professional credibility.

There are varieties of content you can showcase using social media platforms. For example:

It’s always been an advantageous method to connect with consumers in direct ways and social media comes as a handy medium. It facilitate 2-way conversation which attracts more engagement.

Advancement in marketing channels has speeded the interaction as well as response time. Organisations strives to minimise the response time and social platforms has helped in this regard. Both content marketing and social channels will only continue to grow in popularity. It always complementary to each other.

In the B2B world, it’s crucial to educate prospects, build relationships, and gain trust. It’s hard to do that exclusively with social media because you need something with more substance. That’s why white papers, case studies, email newsletters, and blogs are so important for B2B firms.

Though, marketers at times fails to understand that every platform has a specific purpose and method of usage. They need to utilise it wisely otherwise it may result adversely.

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