9 Tips to write readable blog post and page for your company

9 Tips to write readable blog post and page

If you are planning to write a blog post, it is more critical what content to write and how to write a readable blog? Reading from a computer screen or mobile phone can be difficult. Posts that are easy to read and have well-visual structured contents, result in more returning visitors and a higher conversions rate. Here, we are discussing 9 Tips to write readable blog posts and pages.

1) Focus on Your Audience

While writing blogs always keep your audience’s focus in your mind. Always make sure that the content isn’t too difficult to read and understand for your audience. If your blog is about toys targeting kids, then your content should be easy to read. If the blog is about Engineering targeting working professionals, your blogs should have their professional jargon. This tip applies to all sorts of audiences.

2) Make Active Voice, Sentence

Blogging is mainly about communication and sharing blogger knowledge to others. For blogger active voice is a good friend. As it provides more readability to the blog. The sentences in active voice put the subjects (the person doing action) upfront while in passive voice puts the object (target of the action)up front.

The Sentences in active voice are shorter, active, direct, clear, strong and appealing and consequently increases readability score. In the contrary, passive voice sentences are longer, passive, indirect, unclear, weak and not appealing. Hence they become more difficult to understand and readable when they become larger and complex.

Using passive voice is not always the bad choice, But, the passive voice can be useful in some specific conditions such as:

a) Where you want to focus on the target of an action rather than the subject (doer). Wherever you want to avoid assigning responsibility or blaming someone.

b) Wherever you want to avoid assigning responsibility or blaming someone.

Active- Mr Mohan wrote today’s great blog.

Passive- Today’s great blog was written by Mr Mohan.

Here, we are using passive voice in our sentence as the greatest blog is the main focus rather than Mr Mohan who wrote it to the reader. As per SEO Yoast best practice, always use active voice.If a need arises for passive voice, it is desirable not to use more than 10% passive sentences in your blog.

3) Write Short Sentences : Tips to write readable blog

Always try to write short sentences in your blog. As short sentences are easier to read and understand than long sentences. The users love to read short sentences. In short sentences, you will have a lower possibility of grammatical mistakes as compared to long sentences. Ensure that the sentences should not have more than 20 words. As more than 20 words in a sentence decrease readability to the user. Never write more than one sentence of more than 20 words in a paragraph.

4) Write Short and Clear Paragraph

Each paragraph should have only one small clear idea so that the user understand easily what is the paragraph is all about. Short paragraphs are easy to read and understand. Always start your paragraph with the most important sentence and then explain that sentence in details. This practice enhances the reader to grasp the relevant content from your blog easily, just by reading the first sentence of the paragraph.

Make sure paragraphs are not too lengthy, around 5 or 6 sentences in a paragraph, is a good practice. Due to paragraph, there is lots of blank space on a blog. Consequently, it will reduce the chances of skipping a line and making the blog most scannable.

5) Use Transition Words : Tips to write readable blog

You should use transition words in your blog post. Transition words link the sentences together smoothly so that there are no sudden jumps or breaks between ideas. Transition words are words like for example, ‘wherever’, ‘this time, ‘in the same way, ‘therefore’, ‘so that’, ‘in conclusion’ etc.

If you want to contrast, you will use words like, on the contrary, on the other hand, otherwise, etc. If you want to conclude, you will use words like, to conclude, to summarize, to sum up, in conclusion, etc. At last, if you are putting conditions on something, you will use words like if, provided that, whenever, given that, etc.

6) Use bullet point and Number lists : Tips to write readable blog

Using bullet points and number lists, instantly boost readability. As they help the readers to quickly scan your blogs, making it easier to read and engagement with. Numbers are used to many viral posts having them in the title like,”9 Tips to write readable blog post and page”.

7) Use Grammar Checker Tools

For writing a blog, make sure there are no grammatical errors. As the readers do not like to read and trust the grammatically error content. There are lots of tools available. I prefer to recommend tools like Grammarly and Hemingway

8) Choose the Right typography

Typography is the art of arranging your test in order to make them readable and attractive. Typography contains selecting properly font family, font size, line length, line spacing, background color etc.

you should use at least a 14-pixel font size, as this site is readable properly both on the computer desktop, the tablet, and the mobile screen.

Font color also affects readability a lot. It mainly depends upon the types of blog and website you have. In general black font on a white background is a good one. Colorable is a good tool, allowing you to enter font( text) color and background color. Colorable immediately tells if the contrast is ok or not. Also you should separate color for your links for distinguishing them from simple text.

The text in your blog has sufficient empty space between your sentences, headings, subheading, line height, letters, words and paragraphs. If you are using white space between your content, helps your readers to find quickly what they are interested in reading.

9) Use Readability Test Tool

You can also use Readability Test Tool to check Flesch Reading Ease score, Spache Score, New Dale- Call Score of your content. You can check readability score of your content by various tools like readable.io, Hemingway, WebpageFX, Yoast SEO etc. But I preferably recommend using Yoast SEO tools as it is a good tool for making SEO  friendly content along with testing above mentioning tips.


If you are writing knowledgeable and interesting content to your readers and following the above tips. Then it is damn sure that you will write a readable blog post. Your readers will like it to read your content and trust your blog also and they came back to read your other blogs.

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