Successful Brand communication needs Context. Digital is the New Live.

Communicating brand essentials to an audience of not-so-interested existing or future customers. Professionals all over the globe have been trying to find a solution on Brand Communication for a never ending challenge for more than one-hundred years.

Media channels have creatively come up with advertising space and new means of communicating YOUR message pop up on an almost weekly basis. Where we were going all-in on boards and linear TV a few years back, today we cannot wait for Snapchat and Instagram to finally come up with extremely smart advertising solutions that will most definitely hopefully maybe crack the code of social media marketing with actual ROI and traceable increase in brand awareness, sales, and reputation perspectives.

Technology = opportunity.

Surely, we all love Facebook advertising – cheap and widely effective. Right? Or is it merely a new way of pushing brand information on to us? Information we did not ask for, do not want, and find mildly irritating and disturbing… sounds familiar? Yup – it’s the modern version of interrupt-while-you-are-focused-on-something-else.

Twitter also just gave us targeted ads and brands are jumping at the opportunity of exploiting a functioning social media channel commercially. Right.

Content is king. Nothing new. We have a spree of newly established content-marketing agencies (I still want to know what separates them from normal advertising agencies gone digital – but hey – it´s all in the name) that create: “content that matters and engages” A digital revolution in its own right. Well.

Many marketing efforts are futile even before they start. We all know that. Not that marketing is dead – absolutely not. But the format needs to change. Drastically.

TV and media buyers are desperately holding on to a commercial model that is facing its own demise due to new audiences not accepting random commercial messages from brands they not necessarily care about.

Sponsorship and events create arenas of live communication and value based brand communication – but – traditional channel analysts are still fighting about actual value and ROI.

Social Media Marketing Channels are trying to create new, relevant platforms for brands to communicate. Various CMO-research shows that digital, content-based communication is going to be racking up maximum marketing spent in the coming years. It’s all going to be about the digital conversation. Trouble is, contrary to what agencies will try to tell you and your brand – there are no guidelines to success. Creativity can save you, but more often than not, that won´t be enough either.

Because more research shows that the different audiences and segments have extremely diverse needs and demands – as usual – but there is one extremely interesting fact that cannot be neglected:

“All segments agree that today, in 2021, if you communicate out of context, you might as well not communicate at all.”

Context in Brand Communication

Context is the big black hole of marketing and communications, the nemesis of great marketeers and agency leaders alike. Meaningful Context is difficult to achieve as a goal or measurement tool.

Why? Because context is defined by the individual. All of us. We demand it. Our kids demand it. And our parents demand it. No matter if you are five, fifty or eighty-five.

A brands message needs to fit exactly into an individual’s personal context situation if it is supposed to have any value at all. We receive more messages today than any other generation before us. By a factor of a gazillion. More than any other ever. Let that sink for a minute.

How a successful Brand Communication works then?

Our brains filter and compartmentalise everything unnecessary and out of context immediately. And we are – on top of everything else – hard-wired to only see what’s different. And today, only what’s radically different.

So, marketeers and brand specialists across the globe. Brace for impact, find the parachutes and airbags and get with the program.

There is no easy fix, but awareness of people-psyche, understanding the value of tribes and the power of genuine peer to peer communication will go a long way.

It´s about individuals. Needs Perspectives. Beliefs and belonging.

Bet that your organizations’ purpose statement – remember – the reason to be that goes beyond making money – suddenly seems like a really good idea after all.

“Be part of the conversation. Be the context.” 

We at Aaranya advertising always maintains the “essence” intact while advocating marketing equation we draw. Context is the essence which we need to connect with.

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