The Rise of Nano-Influencers: Unlocking the Potential of Authenticity

Brands represented by nano-influencers are often deemed more authentic, given the higher likelihood that the nano-influencer has a real life.

Influencer marketing is a popular marketing tactic that focuses on using respectable, reliable, and inspiring people to connect with their following. Influencer marketing has been practiced for years, but with the growth of social networks, it has moved to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, among others.

Different Influencer Groups

These groups are normally categorized based on the number of followers.

Macro Influencers. This group featured well-known people with millions of fans, such as actors from movies, musicians, athletes, and media characters. One such celebrity who gained her money as an influencer icon in the fashion sector is Kim Kardashian, known as the “queen of social media.”

Small-scale influencers. This category, which has between 10,000 and 100,000 followers on average, also includes social media group creators and bloggers.  

Influencers at the nanoscale. This category includes those with fewer than ten thousand or even just one hundred social media followers. They are typically social media users, and the majority of their followers are people they know personally through their relationships with family and friends.

Traditional influencer marketing vs. nano influencer marketing

Utilizing well-known individuals or celebrities is the traditional approach to influencer marketing. The common technique of using well-known personalities to promote things in commercials serves as evidence of this. In spite of the fact that having more followers may make a brand more visible to potential customers, visibility is useless without interaction. Traditional influencer marketing is bad at producing engagement, despite the fact that it is much higher than the interaction provided by display commercials or Facebook ads. Traditional influencers who made a living off of their social media reputation are also coming under more and more scrutiny. We are never able to discern if someone is promoting something because they genuinely believe in it or if they are doing so simply because the compensation was too good to refuse.

Why nano-influencers are so powerful on Social Media?

implicit trust and respect. Because the followers of the nano influencers are mostly made up of family, friends, and acquaintances, reputation and trust are important in the group. More engagement is generated by the personal connection a nano influencer has with their followers than by any other tactic. You are likely to heed a family member or close friend’s advice when they propose a product since you respect them.

Authenticity: Opinions expressed by the tiny influencers are frequently more sincere and real. mostly because they are regular individuals who use or truly love the brands they write about. They want to share their recommendations with peers and base them on their actual personal experiences.

Added personal touch: A nano-influencer may communicate with his followers directly due to his audience’s small size.  Messages are delivered to people he intimately knows rather than to a broad, nameless public, which makes them more powerful. Additionally, as nano influencers write their own posts and develop their own material, their recommendations are genuine, unique, personal relatable, and interesting content. 

The ties between followers of nano influencers and their families, affinities, shared passions, or causes, etc.  As a result, they always offer information on topics that genuinely and spontaneously concern their audience. This promotes deeper and more intimate customer engagement with brands, encouraging followers to take an active role. The social connection between followers, meanwhile, increases engagement in calling customers. Nano influencers have the ability to communicate their opinions to their communities immediately and can anticipate feedback.  They are thereby actively starting a conversation. For the creation of new products, this can be a great source of user input.  

Companies should employ influencer marketing more strategically by putting social interaction and authenticity at their core in light of social media’s expanding importance as the new channel for marketing. This is accomplished by utilizing the influence of nano-Influencers to give their goods and service genuine endorsements, believable testimonials, and recommendations from real people to real people.

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