Mobile Marketing Strategies in 2020 to Expand Business Online

Mobile Marketing Strategies: The increase in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices along with some apps, to facilitate mobile users in many ways, has become a common feature these days. People go on searching for various websites as a routine to find something interesting for them. This is why, the mobile website design of your business should be unique, interesting, and effective in order. So that it can attract mobile users and help in promoting your business.

Most of the business website developers use various tactics while creating the mobile website design for your business. By this you can increase your customer base by reaching new audiences and grow faster. These tactics may include promotional coupons, QR codes, improving SEO ranking, banners, and connectivity with social networking sites, etc. How these tactics can help in promoting your business through mobile marketing is provided in this article for your reference.

Providing featured coupons – Mobile Marketing Strategies

Out of 100 people, around 10-25 people redeem the coupons collected by them. This means if you manage to seduce 100 potential customers to get coupons offered at your site then you’ll manage to shut 25 sales. Your mobile website design can be made attractive and enticing by encouraging the impulses of the customers and driving the sales through featured coupons on it. The developers of your mobile website allow you to create online coupons suitable to your business as and when required. These benefits will attract more customers to your website.

Creating mobile apps – Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile apps can also be created and offered in mobile website design to attract more visitors to your website. As it will provide them more information, fun, and utility. These apps will help in increasing your income in some ways.  Including the direct sale of the app, using them for mobile marketing, for providing customer services and promoting your brand.

You could create apps for engaging contests, surveys, voting. You don’t have to spend a fortune on adding these simple apps to your mobile website. However, these apps could increase the time spent by a visitor to your site by 25-35%.

It has been proved through researches that a small investment in creating mobile website apps can increase in a large number of mobile visitors to your mobile website. Your app should effectively promote your business, whether within the shape of a tool, game, or the other interface. It should value the needs of your customers and specifically fulfill them to their satisfaction.

Facility to get QR codes – Mobile Marketing Strategies

You are also allowed by the mobile website developers to generate QR codes on your mobile website design so that you can improve traffic up to 10 times to your website by directing people towards your website, specific page, or feature on your website. You can use these QR codes on signs, TV advertisements as well as on your printed marketing materials. People can scan this code with their smartphone to access your mobile website.

Banner ads – Mobile Marketing Strategies

Using banner ads while developing the mobile website design can’t only improve the planning of your website but also improve search results on mobile phones.

You can successfully attract mobile users to your website by displaying banners thereon. But one thing you should keep in mind while using these banners on your mobile website that they must be in the proper size and should not overwhelm the content of your site. They should be small in size with very few graphics and readable font. Keeping the small size of the mobile phone screen in mind.

Features to improve the SEO ranking of the website – Mobile Marketing Strategies

Your mobile website design should help in developing SEO ranking on mobile search engines. The rank of your mobile website automatically rises when searched by the mobile phone users through main mobile search engines. The developer of your mobile website should use relevant SEO features including keywords and content in order that the mobile program can easily access your website.

Using loyalty programs – Mobile Marketing Strategies

What about seducing 20-30 customers daily from your existing client base in those dry days? Yes, you’ll force your old customers to shop for something fresh during the offseason by offering attractive loyalty programs.

Such programs are more fruitful for new businesses in mobile marketing. In this way, they can encourage their customers to visit your website repeatedly to check their position on the graph and other offers to earn more points to redeem their loyalty reward as soon as possible.

Increasing traffic by connecting with social media sites

Only Facebook has more than 1.74 billion active members. Apart from Facebook, there are dozens of social media sites having millions of active members. Moreover, these members are visiting these social media sites more often than not and spending trillions of minutes. Could you afford to miss such an enormous pool of internet users? No, never.

The developer of your mobile website design can automatically attract massive traffic to your mobile site by pulling the content of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, etc. to it. By using the tell a friend’ feature of the social media networks, your mobile website will automatically be shared by their visitors whenever they will email them. Similarly, they can check their social networking account while visiting your mobile site using various services.

Sending text messages – Mobile Marketing Strategies

Hardly any person ignores a text message. In fact, more than 95% of the messages read within 15 minutes of delivery. Yes, both SMS and MMS are very powerful tools as far as marketing is concerned. The facility of multimedia message service (MMS) and text message (SMS) provided on your mobile website design will also allow you to reach your customers in a very simple and affordable manner.

You can inform your customers about the promotional offers as well as new products introduced on your mobile website by sending text messages to them. You can also send videos or pictures of the products through MMS.
So, you can considerably increase traffic to your mobile website by using any of the above said mobile marketing tactics in your mobile website design. To get an effective mobile website you should research to know about the potentials of your targeted audience and the ways to increase their response to text-oriented marketing.

You should be aware of the suitable time and type of message to send text messages to them so that they can effectively respond to it. So your website developer should be competent to adopt such techniques that can effectively promote your mobile marketing.

Thus, the unique concept of Mobile Marketing can certainly help you in expanding your customer base. At the same time, you would be able to retain your customers and increase the value of each client. Make the most of the mobile marketing and take your business to an unprecedented level.

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