How to create a Media Plan

Creating A Media Plan

To understand Media plan, lets understand its importance first. The biggest part of any advertising budget a company has no matter whether they are large or small relates to media costs. This is the money which is a large part of spent. Either advertising on the radio or TV or through newspapers and magazines. In this article we will look at what a company needs to create a media plan which will help to keep their budget within the constraints that they have. In order to have good media planning a specialist or professional will need to have an overview of what is they are trying to achieve.

Here’s what you will need to look before devising a media plan.

  1. To review their marketing objectives the use of media planning.
  2. Review the options available to them.
  3. Evaluate the options they have against what they hope to achieve.
  4. Set their budget (both what the minimum and maximum amounts are they have available to spend).
  5. Look at various different scenarios which will provide them with what they want to achieve within the constraints of their budget.
  6. They will need to develop a schedule which shows the advert in various different kinds of media.
  7. To then summarize the plan that they have devised.
  8. Finally they will need to talk with and negotiate with various media owner representatives

Normally a good media plan is consisting of document. It is then separated up in to various sections using a ring binder. This then allows the person producing the plan to remove and add to it as and when they need to. But if you prefer to set yours up on your computer. Then please keep each section of the plan within separate folders.

The sections that you will need to include as part of the media planning process are as follows:-

  1. Types of Media to be used – A list of all the various medias in to which you are looking to place the adverts.
  2. Goals of the plan – What are the goals to be achieved through the advertising and just how these will meet with the company’s objectives.
  3. The Audience – Need to gain as much information about the people you want to target with the advertising. Include within this section statistics relating to the lifestyles and demographics.


By keeping this information close at hand, a person will be able to execute the media plan. Which they have devised in order that they meet the goals of their company.

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