How often should I post updates?

Consistency is important on all social media platforms, but how often should you post updates?

The question of frequency comes up a lot; however, there is not one answer that will be right for everybody and every situation. Deciding how often to posts will depend on the social platform, your goals, and your comfort zone. I do encourage you to push your limits in this respect. Your time constraints (although with the methods I’m using and teaching, this last issue is almost completely eliminated).

There is no question in my mind that the MORE of QUALITY. Content that’s RELEVANT for your audience and helps you accomplish your goals. The relevant you post, the better results you’ll get.

But is there a point when it becomes too much? Too much for your audience. They get tired of you constantly occupying their feed or, worse yet, you saying the same thing over and over. Too much for your audience – They do have a life outside your business and social media?

Although there surely are practical limitations as far as posting. From my experience, most people, coaches, activists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are NOT POSTING ENOUGH. They could easily increase frequency even 10 or 100 times. They can get benefited from it by attracting a bigger audience. Providing that they ensure the quality of posts and proper targeting.

For example: How Often Should I Post Updates

If you only post once or twice per week, you’d be posting once or twice per day, or even per hour.

So, to give you some general recommendations, here is what I think.

Depending on your goals, and the type of engagement you are aiming for, plan for at least 2-3 updates daily on Facebook and LinkedIn.

On Twitter, people are used to and almost expecting high frequency, and when you look at accounts with huge followings by individuals who are not famous in the real world, they almost always post very frequent updates. You’ll need to experiment to see what feels right for you and what is working best for your audience. Aim for anywhere from 4-6 per day, up to 20-30, or even more.

Some of you may be concerned that posting too much will make you come across as pushy or spammy.

I like to think about it this way:

You have something that’s truly valuable that can help a lot of people, right? And have an important message to share and are on the mission to change the world. You are a health coach or health professional who can help people turn their health around and finally start enjoying their lives. A life coach that helps people who are at a crossroads in their lives, facing difficult choices, addictions, painful situations and they need help – and you may be the perfect person for them, but they’ll never know that if they cannot find you.

Why should you be shy about sharing your message and how you can help people?

We are bombarded every day with messages and advertising coming at us from everywhere. I often feel annoyed and want to scream ENOUGH!, and perhaps you feel the same way.

I don’t want to contribute to all the noise in the world, either.

But then I see a positive message, and that lifts me up. Puts a smile on my face.

Like the other day, when driving – and, as always I looked at the billboards – if you know that route, there is really nothing interesting to look at, so you might as well check them out; so there are a couple of new billboards that display the ads like huge television screens – constantly changing what they show, and for a split second, for a fleeting moment I saw an ad promoting veganism. There was a picture of a puppy and a piglet, asking the question “why love one and eat the other?” As I’m vegan and spreading this message of justice and compassion is really high on my radar, I jumped up, wanted to look closer, or perhaps even take a picture, but it disappeared, replaced by another promotion, and I never saw it again.

So, of course big corporations with huge marketing and advertising budgets don’t usually have qualms about sharing their message and sharing it often. The fast food chains, the pharmaceutical companies, the producers of the toilet paper and washing detergent of this world. They are not shy or subtle about promoting their products and services.

So why should I be? Or you?

Of course, there is the issue of money – non-profit organizations such as Vegan Outreach who created that ad, as well as many passion-driven professionals and businesses – don’t have the advertising budgets for really big promos. I find it sad that a lot of people who are doing so much good in the world, aren’t making money that they deserve, and their work is often not appreciate or even seen.

So thank God, or the Universe (or both) for the internet and the social media!

That’s why my answer to the question “how often to post” is “as often as practically possible and then some!” I encourage you to push the limits beyond your comfort zone – and with the tools and strategies I teach this is really easy, it still requires time and commitment, but not as much as you may think. Most likely – you aren’t promoting yourself or your ideas, or telling people about how you can help them often enough.

And that means that people who NEED you right NOW, people who are READY to hear your message, people who need your HELP, may never be able to find you.

And that’s really, really sad.

Because in this scenario – everybody loses.

If you are on a mission to help people, or even change the world, why should you be shy about posting frequently on Facebook or Twitter?

You are here for a reason– then if you’re not promoting yourself, if people who need you cannot find you – you are letting them down.

If someone stops following you, or unsubscribes because they think you post too often, so be it. But there will be many more who will be able to FIND you and HEAR you for the first time – because of it.

Now the next question is – What type of content should you be sharing?

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