How to Create A Content Strategy in 5 Steps

5 Step process towards creating tailor-made content for Content Marketing

What attract to a reader is, how beautifully the writer has conveyed the message. Expressing a thought via content writing and right type of co-related media/picture defines real meaning of the subject/context. We see variety of content is disposed for content marketing, But do they all really carry the crisp message as intended? Thus, it is very important to have a clear vision and crisp method before putting our thought in form of content. So, here are 05 simple steps as a basic method of content writing.

  1. Understanding the brief

    1. You fill out a google sheet, including buyer persona, audience skill level, etc.
    2. Identifying right Keywords and opting the format of content. In short, Defining the objective orientation
    3. Defining Length of content and style of content writing/ production
  2. Finding the correct writer (Day 1)

    1. We analyze the brief and select the best writer from our team for your topic with the subject matter experience to deliver the best content. Subsequently, domain specific writer is deployed for clear visionary adaptation.
    2. The topic is sent over the writer and the writer studies over the topic and returns with any doubts they may or may not have. In other words, we also take care of /solve writers query.
    3. Third-party subject expert consultation is brought in if the topic is very technical and is aimed towards an audience of very high skill level.
    4. The writer commences work on the project
  3. Proofreading and drafts (Day 5-7)

    1. Proof-readers and editors performs the quality check and accuracy carefully for content matter
    2. We do a complete Grammarly check for grammar and plagiarism. So client becomes assured of quality writing
  4. Final draft content is shared with you

  5. Incorporating final changes, if any
    1. Minor changes are done within the next 48 hours hence it makes accuracy incorporation timely
    2. Significant changes (if any) due to our fault will result in rewriting of the articles free of any cost

Why choose us for Content Marketing Strategy 

  1. This process does not require the company to maintain any direct contact hence, making the process much smoother and hassle-free.
  2. The raw content is SEO friendly and created ready for your in-house content team to package it according to your preferences. So it makes your online presence more SE-friendly.
  3. The number of contents is independent of the weekly delivery cycle and hence makes it easier for scaling.
  4. Since the content is curated, this kind of content can also be used to progress your customers through the buyer journey or even for targeted marketing as deemed fit by the company.
  5. We also add a checklist to make it easier for you to understand the content.
  6. The same price for 200 words to 1200 words (conditions applied) hence providing optimum content length and taking away the element of personal gain by unwanted elongating content.

Deliverables from our side:

  1. Word file with the textual content.
  2. Excel file covering the specific details of the company


The charges for the standard content will be the same for all articles between words 200-1500 and the turnover time will be 7 days (preferable) or a minimum of 5 days. Similarly, any small alterations take place within next 48 hours. In case of websites, each individual webpage is taken as one article each. We usually offer the client to enter into an agreement for ongoing work. Generally we work on weekly invoice practice with specific clearance time. We do offer discounts for bulk writing order and also work on Retainer format for large business and ongoing writing requirements.

Cost per content: 1050 INR
  • In case of other content genre, Please request a personalized quote
  • For agency pricing/website management, Please request a personalized quote

The bulk discount applied for content is as follows:

Number of articles per monthDiscount
12 and above10%
22 and above15%
30 and above20%
35 and above24%


Please note that we are a Digital Marketing Agency. We also handle your social media, technical SEO, final packaging, and outbound marketing. Therefore, We provide fresh content in an SEO friendly way that also incorporate the ideas of Inbound Marketing to aid your Marketing team.

We are seeing that the quality content is always in demand by the audience  and we understand the value it the most. It is an uprising demand which should have value substance supply. Wenever we meet any of the content seeker, they mostly emphasize on mentisation part. Its a simple equation that the content is only marketable when it satisfies the audience curiosity. We have tie-ups to offer similar services and overall Marketing Consultancy as well for varied marketing aspects. We take care of client all content related requirements. From Production to Curation, Publishing to Advertising keeping the aspect of objectivity.

Content writing is a beutiful art of expression. Therefore we always suggest our client to be clear on their objectivity. It helps the writer to craft memorable narration to portray the desired image of your Brand, Company or of an Individual.

Happy writing!!

For more info: Please feel free to write to us at .

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