Are Videos Replacing Written B2B Content?

Many people claim that videos are replacing written content for B2B companies, but it’s simply not true. Videos are great, but they will never make written content obsolete.

In fact, the amount of written content going up online accelerates each and every year. Videos and written content can coexist — there’s a place for both in B2B content marketing.

Here are a few reasons why videos will never replace written B2B content:

Reason 1 — Videos Are Expensive

Videos can look great, but only if you’re willing to pay a hefty price tag. High-quality videos require equipment such as cameras, lighting, and software. Additionally, you’ll need a team of people to set up and operate the equipment, and to shoot and edit the videos. Plus, if you go with low-budget videos, you might do damage to your professional image and brand.

Reason 2 — Many Prospects Like to Read

Not everyone prefers video to text. If this were the case, then TV would have made books obsolete. Many people find it easier to comprehend and remember something they read. It’s also much easier to skim written material for important information — and many of your prospects work in an office setting, where a noisy video can distract coworkers.

Reason 3 — Written Materials Are Easier to Share

It’s much easier for people to share written material with their bosses, coworkers, and other B2B decision makers. They can print the materials before a big meeting and simply hand them out. Or they can email the content and include snippets in their presentation.

Reason 4 — Nobody Makes an Important B2B Purchasing Decision Without Reading

Executives and managers don’t make huge business decisions based solely on a video. They want to have some written material to go through, and they want something easy to share with colleagues. A white paper, case study, newsletter, or blog post is perfect for these purposes.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that written content is here to stay, especially for B2B businesses. Videos will grow in popularity over time, but so will written content marketing materials. And written content is often much more effective, as well as cheaper, so it delivers a better return on investment.

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