12 Most Effective Ways to Promote your Website


Promote your Website – Best approach at a Glance


How to promote your website – Promoting your website is very important to get traffic to your website, SEO is not only the way to drive traffic, there are many ways available online through which you can get exposure to your business website, it just depends on how you use to drive traffic to your blog/website, know the most effective to promote your websites online

Advertising Networks -How to promote your website

In this competitive world, it takes time to get traffic from your targeted keyword if you approach SEO; To get traffic faster, you need to start advertising Campaigns online. There are a variety of campaigns available online as per your requirement.

Based on the typical old marketing formula “When customers are not coming to you, you have to go where the customers are.”

People generally use Search Engines, Social Networking Websites and Videos and Games, and other websites.

Major Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo provide Advertising opportunity for the merchants like you on Networks like Adwords, Bing Ads. They provide few options for your ad campaigns, the ads will be seen on search results and also on partner websites in the form of links and banners. Adwords have Video ads option too on famous video website YouTube.

There are other networks too which offer advertisements, Like Infolinks, Kontera, Bidvertiser but they have not much reached as the above networks. These ad networking companies show your ads on partner websites in the form of links and Banners.

And Second One where people are engaged online is social networking sites.

So these Websites to offer advertising options to promote your website. In addition, You can promote your website or blog on Facebook and Twitter ads Reddit ads and etc.

You can promote your websites on mobile ads too, basically, these ads are inbuilt with mobile applications. Mobile ads are mainly used to promote your business apps through advertisement on other utility apps and games

Find the right keyword for your business and effectively campaigning them on these advertising networks will drive massive traffic in a limited budget.

Good thing is that these Advertising Networks encourage new users by providing some Coupons and Free Credits at the time of Registration.

Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads give up to $50 Free for your first campaign with some conditions.

So If you have some budget and want to gain some exposure immediately, go for Advertising to get traffic to your blog/website.
Note: If have Services or Products to sell, you can adopt an Affiliate program on your website, where the other webmasters sell your services or products on behalf of you and take a commission.

Blogging – How to promote your website

Every Company maintains a Blog and mostly a sub-domain to your website. Eg:domainname.com/blog.Every company must contain a blog not only to get traffic for your website but also to get a trust and build a brand among the customers.

Each company provides details on “how to ” issues of the product or service your business related to. For example, a Webhosting company writes articles on how to set up websites and Scripts on their servers and settings and shows its users some helpful tools and services and their uses. Even though you have Live support through chat, a blog helps the users to find out manually without your help which makes it easier to understand.

The most important thing to have a blog is to drive traffic from search engines by writing articles and working on its SEO.

Also, consider Blogengage.com

Classified Ads – How to promote your website

Classified ads are the typical short length ads that you generally see newspapers with the title, short description, and contact details. The same type of ads you may see online too. There are many websites that offer classified ads and the most interesting part of it is, its free of cost. But, the premium ads have more exposure than free.
Craiglist, Vivastreet, and Locanto are on the famous in this field. Coming to India its, OLX, Quickr, Sulekha, and many hundreds of websites are waiting to post your ads, Just be sure about your targeting region and field and make an attractive classified ad.

Directory Submission -How to promote your website

A website especially a business website must be list in Top business directories, which not only gains traffic but also increases your Domain Authority which is important to rank top in search engines.
Here is the list of Top Business Directories that your site must be listed.

  • Google places for Business
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Yahoo Local Listing
  • Dmoz
  • Yelp
  • Yellowpages
  • Whitepages
  • Superpages
  • Yellowbook
  • Manta
  • CitySearch
  • Mapquest
  • Local
  • Foursquare business listings
  • Hotfrog

And there are many local business directories that help you in increases your website impact when you do Local SEO.

For example Couple of Top Business directories which gains you online and offline traffic are Justdial and Askme

So, if you want to gain some traffic along with some Domain Authority and Brand Trust, submit your website to Top directories global and local according to your requirement.

Email Marketing – How to promote your website

Email marketing is my favorite way to promote your business website online. Once you got enough subscribers to your email list, with Quality and professional email campaigns you can generate an enormous amount of web traffic without any SEO and Paid Campaigns.

More than 25% budget of many companies is allocated to Email Marketing Campaigns, because of its highly targeted nature and quick response for your campaigns.

At starting of your business, you may opt Paid advertising campaigns to get exposure, by using Adwords or Bing ads, when you get the visitors from your paid campaign, you never want to lose these customers, so in order to make them your subscriber, you need to offer them some attractive things like gift vouchers or Discount coupons and make them as you readers using some exit-intent popup plugins, and after building some amount of email list, with effective email marketing strategies you get the results and conversions what you expected.

Facebook Forums – How to promote your website

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites in the world, and millions of users are online every minute all over the world. The second best platform for advertising your website after Adwords.

Ways to promote your website on Facebook :

  • Create a Facebook page for your website or brand. (Title of the page must be your website name or your primary keyword). If you take the title as your primary keyword, there is a chance of getting organic likes, For Eg: Facebook.com/HealthInsurance. Though it is difficult to get, as all these pages are already created, try for the alternatives.
  • Creating Facebook Groups, and engaging members with interesting topics and being active in these groups gives you a chance of getting free exposure to your website. For Instance, you have to pay at least $ to get 1000-10000 impressions on other advertising networks. But if you have min.of 5000 members or followers on your Facebook page or Group, a Single share can reach 5000 members without spending money and it can be unlimited if these people like or share that link.
  • Facebook Ads, As already said Facebook offers to advertise your website on it. It can give up to $50 Coupon to start your advertising campaign on Facebook. And Facebook also has different types of promotional ads, you have to choose the best option for your website. You can advertise your Facebook page as per your demographic and Geographic requirements. And if your page has a viral and attractive topic, then you can get more customers with less budget. There are also Cost per click and Cost per Mile impressions Type of ads available on Facebook Ads.
The most profitable way in a less budget to promote your website is through Facebook.

Website promotion through Forum gives you not only the exposure to your brand, but also Domain Authority to your website which increases the ranking factor in search engines.

Register on Popular niche forums and try to solve or raise Questions regarding your niche type and get exposure, the signatures at the bottom of each post gives you valuable backlinks which increases Domain authority of your web page.

Giveaways – How to promote your website

Giveaways are contest based strategies where you will offer your visitors some valuable thing or services and in return, they have to share your website on social networking websites or subscribe to your website.

This kind of strategy gives you maximum exposure with the help of your visitors. But, when you conduct a giveaway, you must take care that the thing or service you are providing to the winner is attractive or valuable, and never lose the trust of the visitors by dropping the giveaway in the middle or not providing the Service/Reward that you assured to give the winner.

There are many scripts and online applications that you can use to conduct these Giveaways to promote your website. You will see two types of services, free and paid versions.

Free apps provide the same features as the paid ones, but they are limited options on free versions. If you are a beginner you can choose free versions to get knowledge of it. But for business purposes, Paid ones are better as they have unlimited usage and many options that will get more exposures.
Few online Giveaway service providers are given below.

  • Rafflecopter – pretty famous in this field
  • promo simple
  • Punchtab
  • Wildfire
  • Viralsweep and many more…

Giveaway promotional strategy is also a nice way to get exposure for your website.

Hashtags – How to promote your website

Hashtags are used on your messages posted on social media networks, a word or phrase preceded by a # symbol are called hashtags.

Generally, these are keywords related to your message or trending related keywords on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Using these hashtags will make your message indexed by social networking sites and make searchable to other users.
Always use popular or trending hashtags with your message to get max. exposure of micro-blogging websites. For example, in a world cup season, #WC2019 hashtag trends for a month or more. So if your product or service is related to this event, then you must use this strategy to promote your website.

For Eg: You website Sell a product like LED Televisions, your message should look like this ” This world cup season #WC2019 enjoy the matches on an HD Screen, Buy xxx TV just for $$”

Try to use one or two related hashtags in your messages, don’t stuff all the available trending hashtags.

Instagram – Infographics – Imgur – Image SEO – How to promote your website

Personal research of mine convinced me that images attract more than text. In other words, the posts with attractive images have more reach than the posts with low-quality images or no images.
Do spend some time on creating attractive images that ad more impact to your content. Below are the Listed ways to promote your website through images,

  • Instagram
  • Infographics
  • Imgur
  • images SEO

Instagram is very popular on mobile, you can use this platform to promote your website which has millions of active users.

Infographics are my favorite way to promote, generally, infographics are a visual presentation of your data or research or strategies. Always the visual presentation makes the complex things to understand easily.

Make some infographics on your researches or case studies using the follow online tools. Get a copyright label of your website below and that can be available to share on other websites. And if your information is unique and attractive, then it will be shared and your website will get promoted.

Few Infographics tools available online

  • Piktochart
  • ly
  • venngage
  • am
  • ly and many other services are available online

Image SEO, most of them forget to optimize their images, you can get more traffic through image sources and search engine images. If you can create your own image and get copyrighted, then you may get a link and traffic from other websites that use your imagination.

Jumptags – How to promote your website

Jumptags is a Web 2.0 bookmarking website where you can bookmark your web pages, RSS feeds, photos, videos, HTML and Skype. Such website ranks among the 25k in the world according to Alexa. So, we can use this service to promote your website or other services here which can give you more traffic.

As other bookmarking websites, this site also increases your domain authority which helps you to rank better on search engines.

So start bookmarking your webpages and videos here to get exposure.
Note: At present public jump tags are disabled, Hope it will retain its services soon.

Klinkk – How to promote your website

Klinkk is a blogging community where your content is shared, voted, and promoted by other bloggers if your content is attractive and unique.

Get Traffic from Klinkk to your website, its free to register. Signup gets new connections, share your content, and promote.

This blogging community not only gives them exposure and traffic but also valuable links that can improve your domain authority. It makes a substantial impact on your search engine rankings.


– Best way to promote your services and products

LinkedIn got more than 200 million users worldwide. Its the best place to promote your business services among professionals and other business persons. It gives you more exposure worldwide on your niche and may give you more opportunities to expand your business.

Therefore, just create your company profile and personal profile. Get related connections, and focus on joining related groups and try to be active.

Share your blog posts and content on LinkedIn with other connections and groups. Get exposure for your brand or website.

Remember, a Quality content with Attractive Titles and Eye-Catching images will get more shares and likes which will bring you massive traffic. Focus on these things even its a time taking process.

For more chat, please share your views at info@aaranyaadvertising.com

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